Owner Representation & Plan Review

800BedDorm_Construction3When serving as a Owners Representative, CRA ensures the Owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made. In this role we have served in many capacities as the liaison between the design team, contractors, and the client and have monitored all of the below activities, depending upon the Owner’s mission:

  • the design development process to ensure project scope is achieved;
  • the overall project budget (including FFE and other non design/construction related costs);
  • the bidding process;
  • assist with jurisdictional reviews and project related mitigation issues;
  • construction related activities, including pay applications, project close-out and occupancy, move management and relocation.

We have also held numerous plans review contracts where we serve as a third-party representative to various public agencies for the purpose of providing plans review for code compliance and product investigation, as well as providing audits of third-party plan submittals for quality control purposes.