The CRA Architects logo and brand has undergone a significant transformation. The new brand honors our rich history while moving the brand forward.

The Corporation of Joseph N. Clemons & Associates, Inc. was founded by Joseph N. Clemons in 1960. Mr. William D. Rutherford joined the firm in 1972, and the firm was reorganized in 1979 to form Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, Inc. – now known as CRA Architects. Practicing for more than 50 years, CRA has served as a leader to public and private clients for a wide array of market and project types: public safety, correctional, healthcare, education, corporate, historical, government and worship.

CRA’s new visual identity aligns closely with our values and history, while maintaining an iconic, recognizable mark.

The new CRA logo was designed with the intention of balancing professionalism with creative, architectural elements. The blue hues selected represent our qualities—strength and dependability—as it is important to foster a trusting relationship with clients and business associates. The CRA blue was carried over to honor our founder and the legacy he created when he started this company.

Below you can see the visual progression of our logo over the past 54 years. Our brand is our seal of excellence. Hard work and quality results are the cornerstone of our business values.