3-D Design & BIM

Recognizing the key role technology will play in the development of architecture, CRA has the ability to provide additional design services to our clients through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3-D design and animation software. These software packages allow us to provide the highest, most efficient quality design information at the earliest phase of the process. Because of the virtual building design approach, there is better document coordination, and the client is not surprised with the final product. The key to BIM and 3-D design and animation software’s flexibility and power is that it creates a digital model of the real building, storing all related information in one central project file. From this integrated BIM/3-D virtual building model, we can produce photo-realistic walk-throughs, fly-arounds, renderings and panoramas. With CRA, a client can realize immediate visual confirmation crucial in the early design phases that reduce errors and increase the overall value of the work. CRA has 15 BIM stations and is currently training employees. We have several employees who are competent with the BIM software and experts at 3-D modeling.